Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Oscar Predictions

2013 Oscar Predictions

Best Picture: Lincoln

Hollywood's most beloved director, actor and president will be way too much for the academy to pass up. Argo could be the fourth movie in history to win best picture without a director nomination but it's really a race between the two.

Best Adapted Screenplay: Silver Linings Playbook

Most nominations like Life of Pi and Argo are made indefinably better by the directors at the helm. That's not to say David O Russell didn't do a good job with Silver Linings Playbook, to me it's just the best screenplay on paper.

Best Supporting Actress: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's role in Les Mis is systematically designed to win a best supporting actress Oscar. It probably helps that she was also the stand out of The Dark Knight Rises.

Best Supporting Actor: Tommy Lee Jones

I haven't had a chance to see The Master yet but as of now my money is on Tommy Lee Jones. This is a close race though and none of the nominees winning would be an upset.

Best Animated Feature: Brave

Brave will win because Pixar. In a perfect world it would be ParaNorman, but that's not where we live.

Best Original Screenplay: Amour

All of the controversy probably crushed Zero Dark Thirty's chances. "Oh, the academy endorses torture too"! Django likely has the same problem, which means this award belongs to Amour or Moonrise Kingdom. My bet is on Amour.

Best Director: Steven Spielberg

I would LOVE to see Ang Lee take this one home and he just might. Spielberg is the safe bet though and if The King's Speech taught us anything, you can always count on the academy to play it safe.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Daniel Day Lewis

You have to ask?

Best Actress in a Leading role: Jessica Chastain

This race is between Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. I'm going with the one that wasn't in House at the End of the Street in the same year.

Best Visual Effects: Life of Pi

As great as it would be to say "The Avengers has an Oscar" this is really Pi's award to lose. The movie is so visually striking already and the academy will likely want to honor it in some way, given the amount of categories it will likely lose in.

Best Cinematography: Skyfall

Skyfall SHOULD have this one in the bag but nothing is safe when Lincoln has been nominated in the same category. This one is really anyone game though, but call me optimistic.

Best Costume Design: Les Misèrables

The production values are the one thing that seemed to be universally praised about the movie and the academy seems eager to award it for something, so this will probably be it.

Film Editing: Cloud Atlas

Their is no chance that any movie will beat Cloud Atlas in this department because...oh, what? IT WASN'T NOMINATED? To hell with that then.

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